Lead Generation program tailored to your needs.


Solving the Biggest Lead Generation Challenges

Lead quality is one of the top priorities for lead generation, it is also one of the biggest challenges facing us today. In a recent study by IDG, 61% of marketers reported that generating high quality leads was problematic for their organization.

Because not all leads are the same, Copeland Insurance Group has developed select relationships with industry producers securing both qualified and general leads at deep discounts. If your marketing plan includes lead generation, we’ll provide lists that “fit” your needs for your selected areas, in your selected cities.

Email Marketing

Email is a cornerstone and key component of every marketing campaign. Whether you are hosting an event, sending out a new piece of content, promoting a new service offering, or staying in touch with customers, email should be one of your main forms of communication. According to MarketingSherpa, email marketing is the most used lead generation tactic, with 81% of respondents citing it as the most effective channel. By putting your content in front of prospects, you can find people who might not be looking for you. Copeland Insurance Group's marketing staff will help you develop email blast programs that can target areas and demographics specific to your region and clientele.

Direct Mail

You may think direct mail is a thing of the past, but it’s still effective for targeted communications. As much as our world is connected online, still not everyone browses the web for information. This demographic can be hard to reach through email, and this is where direct mail can become a powerful tool. You could send a direct mail piece to this audience to make them aware of you and what you have to offer. Direct mail also gives you a chance to grab the attention of a hot prospect with a tactile, creative, and interesting presentation. CONTACT US today to join the Copeland Insurance Group team; Begin building your business NOW!

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